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We are not different from them

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“I am just a street boy, I begged for a living” The young man cried out for help as he lie helplessly on the floor. I’ve seen him a few time carrying loads for people and doing many other jobs just to fend for himself and his sick mother.

He had told me once that his father died on a plane crash and since then their life has been from one crash to another.

“What did he actually do?” I pushed through the crowd to asked. “Look at my Jeep! Look at what his wheel barrow has done to my jeep! is he blind?” the mancho man shouted at me as he visited him with more beating.

From a distance, I spotted some uniform men looking and laughing at the poor boy, without any plans of intervention.
“What is really wrong with us?” I retraced back to the scene to take some pictures.

“Excuse me sir, this is unfair,” a lady called me from behind.
“Look at my tomatoes on the floor… This is a market road for crying out loud, how can he drive like that? I collected loan to buy these tomatoes, how do i pay back?”

I could sense the pains in her tears and the urgency in her words urging me to intervene and save the poor boy.

So I think of myself in their shoe for pain is no man friend. And shouted at the top of my voice to draw everyone’s attention. For a moment, everywhere was calm, even the uniform men edge closer to uncover what was wrong with me.

“Is he mad?” I could hear them murmuring within themselves.
“no I am not mad” I was so confused but i needed to say something to heal the situation.

“I am a panel beater sir, I will spray your car for free, but will you fix these tomatoes and this bleeding poor boy?”

There was a long silence, the crowd suddenly started to appear a little bit sympathetic to the poor boy as the Uniform men, picked him up and started the recovery process of what was left of the tomatoes, then I discovered that I had won the case.

But It’s a big shame that we allow hate and ego to deny us the beautiful power of love.

We are not different, we are all humans. We need to discover love and make it a part of us, because if we do, poverty will be history

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