To the child who lost the father

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I sat here some days starring at the sun wishing dad would just come back and put a smile on my face.

To the child who lost the father

It’s been 16 long years since I last saw him. I won’t pretend, I cried the day I saw his lifeless body on his bed that fateful day.

We just finished dinner, he was recounting his life experience before he asking me to call my senior brother for him.

Few minutes after I stepped out of his room, I heard my Mother’s voice, she was calling out for me. I turned back immediately and met her standing by the door.

I will never forget what she told me that day, “Son, we have to be strong, your father is no more”

I know how it’s feel because I’ve been there. It’s okay to cry and allow tears to rain through your face.

Because tears is not a sign of weakness but a sign of love, it’s won’t change anything. But it may help reduce stress and clear your mind

Please don’t lose hope, face the moment.

Remember, the way you feel right now isn’t the way you’re going to feel forever. Try and be happy, all will be well

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