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Physical fitness can help your brain to function well – Research

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A team of researchers in a detailed study concludes that physical fitness can lead to better brain function.

According to their findings, there are links between physical fitness and improved cognitive performance.

In article published on Medical News Today, the researchers also show that this boost in mental powers is associated with white matter integrity.

Over recent years, there has been a great deal of research into how bodily fitness might influence the mind.

For instance, studies have concluded that physical fitness can reduce the risk of dementia, relieve depressive symptoms, and more.

There is also evidence that physical activity boosts the cognitive performance of healthy individuals, people of different ages, and participants with cognitive impairments.

Similarly, some studies have shown positive links between physical fitness and changes in brain structure.

The authors of the latest study in this field, who published their findings in Scientific Reports, note that previous studies had certain limitations.

In some cases, for instance, they did not account for variables that could play an important role.

As an example, researchers could associate low levels of physical fitness with higher blood pressure. If a study finds that high physical fitness has links with cognitive abilities, scientists could argue that in fact, it is lower blood pressure that boosts cognitive power.

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