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I promise you will find a man that treat you right

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Sometimes, We settle for less than we deserve. Average job, average relationship and average everything.


We tend to forget that life is too short to be in a relationship that hurt us, insult us and breaks us.

Here is the thing, you deserve to be love, you deserve to be happy, you need a man not a boy.

A man who will understand you, appreciate you and accept you the way you are, not a boy who will complain about almost everything that happens in your life.

You need a love that does not hurt, a love that gives you freedom to be the best version of yourself, not a love that hurts and breaks you.

Look, there is nothing wrong with you, you were just unfortunate to give your heart to a boy not a man.

A boy who you pray for everyday, hoping he’ll change, but the instead he get worse.

You were just in a wrong situation, a heartbreak you didn’t deserve, but don’t lose your smile; shine, because one day you will meet a man that will love you with his whole heart.

You will find someone better than the man who hurt you. You will find a man who will wake up with you at every sunrise and be with you even after sunset.

Clear your eyes, renew your strength, you deserve to be happy and you will surely be happy.

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