Don’t be afraid to go after what you want

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I started learning how to play Piano when I was six. My experience during my first week was not that pleasant. I would sneaked into our church, get the piano, put on battery and press the keyboard without any particular rythm. To me, once I hit a note and it produced a sound, I was satisfied. The joy I experience then was unending, I would boast to my friends that I was an expert pianist and most of them actually believed me.

The routine went on for days untill I was caught by the Church security. Our church was always open for everyone, but the piano was like a sacred instrument, we were only permitted to touch it when the choirmaster or any of the pianist asked us to.

After pleading with the Church security for hours not to tell my father, he decided to punish me by locking me inside the instrument room with new battery and asked me to play the piano untill i was tired.

Immediately, he locked the door and left, my passion for the keyboard fade, I wanted to go back home, I wanted to go and play with my friends, I was very scared, and confused.

But in that moment of fear, despair and desparation, I found a new hope and I started playing the keyboard with all my strength, I raised the volume to the highest and press as many notes as I can untill the church security decided to set me free after just 30 minutes.

That was the begining of my journey as a pianist. I was later enrolled on the piano class through the recommendation of the Church security and since then till now, I have been enjoying my piano.

Don’t be afraid to go after what you want, be you, stay focused and be blessed.

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